Polyshield Mouthguard Elastomer

The Truly Customer Mouthguard

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 Polyshield is formulated specifically for contact sport protection but is also suitable for the construction of other intra oral appliances such as the all in one mandibular advancement device.

 These appliances can be constructed using a traditional flasking and packing technique.

 The vulcanised elastomer becomes a stable, translucent, impervious polymer, and is virtually indestructible under normal conditions.

 It is particularly useful for sleep apnoea, anti-snoring and bruxism appliances.

 The finished appliances are comfortable to wear, extremely hard wearing, easy to clean (soap and water), and do not stain.

 Given their durablity, they are a very cost effective way of producing appliances.

 Polyshield is also used in maxiofacial laboratories for the construction of external body devices and prosthesis.


Polyshield Mouthguard Elastomer
Polyshield Mouthguard ElastomerPolyshield Mouthguard Elastomer

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