OrthoWeld Welder

Orthoweld is a spot-welder expressly designed for non precious alloys used in orthodontic applications.

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Orthoweld is equipped with a 12 position power regulator and thanks to a continuous adjustment of the pulse time it is suitable for any orthodontic problem.
The self-adjusting hand rest grants a steady positioning of the parts to be spot-welded and a comfortable posture of the operator.
The use of the orthodontic pincer (optional upon request) allows the spot-welding directly on the model.
The operator keeps the hands always free thanks to the foot pedal control.
Additional electrodes with heads available for a full operational freedom.

  • Easy and intuitive parameter adjustment
  • Compact size
  • High reliability
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Specifically designed for both orthodontic thin and thick spot-welding operations
  • Controlled by foot pedal, can be accurately calibrated with 12 power levels and 12 time settings
  • Ergonomic hand rest

Dimensions: Width 26cm, Depth 40cm, Height 21cm
Net weight: 19.5kg


OrthoWeld Welder
OrthoWeld WelderOrthoWeld Welder

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